Engage in Timeless Memories

My mission here at Emili Farnum Photography is to capture timeless and memorable moments for people at all stages of life with imagination, innovation and originality.

Meet  Emili

Photographer, Mother, Wife, Story-teller, Chocoholic, Animal-lover.

        Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Emili and I'm so excited to tell you a little about myself and this wonderful little business of mine. When you first meet me you might notice that I'm a bit quiet and I'm pretty laid back. I definitely don't enjoy stress - not that many people would say they do! Running after two little kiddos in my household is plenty enough stress to fill my day. I'm sure those of you with children can relate on the everyday craziness that goes hand in hand with parenthood. It's tough sometimes but I wouldn't change anything.


        My little family also has one other child; a big Australian Shepherd fur-baby. We love her dearly and she has the patience of a saint when it comes to our kids. She may not get as many hugs from my husband and I as she used to before our kids arrived, but my children help bridge the gap with their own affection for her.


        Now as far as my photography addiction is concerned, I am actually not someone that has been dreaming about being a photographer for a long time. Surprising, I know. Now that’s not to say that I didn’t have a creative background. In fact, as far back as I can remember, I always had a passion for art. When I was a child I frequently drew in a sketchpad or gifted handmade items to family. As I got older, that artistic passion became channeled into graphic design.


        In college I worked towards a degree in Fine Arts and graduated with honors within my graduating class. After that, I worked both as a freelancer and a graphic designer for a print shop in town that serviced many small business owners. Perhaps that was the beginning of my path towards entrepreneurial-ism. The turn to photography came still a bit later during a pivotal moment of my life when I first entered into motherhood. It was beautiful, it was scary... Who was I kidding?? I had no idea what I was doing!

        When my first child was born, I was full of emotion. I felt a desperate need to capture every moment of that life-changing event. I pushed myself to purchase my first professional camera. I wanted more than to just document my child’s life with quick, low-quality, iPhone snapshots. I wanted feeling behind my photos, emotion. In a day and age where the cellphone has quickly become the go-to gadget, I wanted more than that for my child. I wanted him to look back on these photos that I was taking and know what I felt when I took them.

        Not long after that, I knew I wanted more from this newfound passion. I wanted other people to be able to feel the emotion the way that I did about images of their own families. I wanted them to be able to display images in their homes that they could be proud of, that their children were proud of.


        Candid images quickly became my favorite aspect of photography so I decided to pour my heart into building a small, modest photography business that would let me do exactly what I hoped for. I educated myself on every aspect of photography and business, from the legal nit and grit details to other more creative resources which I've since used to improve my skills.

        Now I can happily provide my clients with beautiful lasting "heirlooms" that can be passed down for years. My business is structured to be a strong supporter of print-based photography. What's that? It's providing fine-art quality products to my clients to display in their homes and not solely for use on their computers. I do this because I strongly believe that a family and a child's self-esteem and happiness are both boosted from images they see displayed in their own homes.


        Regardless of your reason for needing a photographer, all of your images deserve more than that quick 10-second glance on social media. If the internet stopped working today, would you still have a way to remember your family? Electricity should never be required to view images of our loved ones. I want your memories to be timeless and accessible at all times. Don't you?

"...images deserve more than a 10-second glance on social media."


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