How do I place an order for a Farm Share (CSA)?

You may sign up by clicking on the ‘Cash or Check’ button which will bring up a pdf of our order form. Print it off, fill it out, and send it in with your check to 29 Long Meadow Drive, West Gardiner, ME 04345. The USPS does not recommend sending cash through the mail, however. You can also sign up online by clicking on the ‘Credit Card’ button, which will bring you to our online store. Please be aware that each Share ordered online has a $5.00 processing fee.

Why are there fees for credit card Transactions?

To keep our pricing as low as possible we offer cash/check discount for the exact price of the shares. There are substantial fees when we process credit card transactions, so we simply add $5 per share to help cover those fees.

What if I’m choosy about what vegetables I want in my Share?

That’s okay! For those who are particular about their vegetables, and want to know what’s being delivered each week, and for those who have food allergies or sensitivities, we have the Select Share Option! It’s only $2/week to add this feature and those who have chosen the select share have positive reviews about this feature. You can order what you want in your Share Box the week before delivery (as long as it is in season and harvestable), and it allows for better meal preparation with less waste of produce.

What is the Select Share Option, and how does it work?

It’s easy! Each week we email a link to you, showing the Select items that are available for the coming week that you can choose from. We also have the Select Share Option available on our website - make sure you are choosing for the correct week! Simply click the link, enter your Name, Select Share ID Number, and Town, and click the items you want using the drop-down arrows, then click submit. We’ll take it from there. Select Share video tutorial is found by clicking the 'Select Share Ordering' tab at the top of the page.

If the Share size I initially chose is too little or too much for me, may I upgrade or downgrade to another Share size during the season?

Yes! If you realize that your meal plans need more or less than the size you first chose, you may contact us and arrange to get the Share that best fits your needs. If you upgrade, then you can arrange to send in the cost difference, and if you downgrade, we can arrange to put the difference in as a credit on your account. This may come in handy if you want to apply the credit towards Partner Farm Add-ons, or Bulk Veggies/Special Offers (when in season), or for ordering future Shares.

Can I sign up after a season has started?

Yes, if you find out about our CSA Shares after a season has started, we’ll try our best to get you signed up and placed on our delivery routes. Anyone who signs up after the start of deliveries will have their Share prorated for any deliveries missed. Email or call Nadine to get on board.

When is delivery? Which day of the week will I receive my Share?

We deliver Tuesdays through Fridays from 10am to 6pm. We set delivery days about a week prior to deliveries starting. Unfortunately you are not able to choose your day of delivery. To keep our delivery routes as efficient as possible, we group as many deliveries in an area for each day. Prior to the beginning of deliveries, we’ll send out an email announcing the assigned days for your town.For business/office deliveries, please let us know your days and hours of operation so we can plan accordingly.

How much do I get in my Share, how many items can I expect each week (or every other week)?

Single: 5 items (3/4 box filled) Family: 7 items (box filled to brim) Gourmet: 7 items (box filled to brim) Mini: 7 items (delivered every other week, box filled to brim) Super: 9 items (in two boxes, filled to brim)

Do I need a cooler, and how big a cooler should I have for the Share box to be put in? What are the dimensions of the Share box?

Providing a cooler will protect your vegetables from the weather, and animals who are looking for food. The Share Box is approximately 16’’ long x 12” wide x 9” high. For the Super Share, there are two boxes, so you’ll need a larger cooler to fit both boxes.

Where should I have my cooler placed?

Preferably a spot out of direct sunlight (we don’t want you to come home to wilted produce!) and the elements, and easily accessible for our Delivery Drivers.

Do I need to pay for a share all at once?

No, you may pay over time. The deposit for each Share is due at least a week before delivery starts, and the balance due when delivery begins, unless you want to go with a payment plan. Secure a spot for each Share Season by paying the deposits for each Share prior to them starting. We understand that for some Farm Share Members, budgeting is a must. Other payment schedules can consist of weekly or a set number of installments arranged through your bank, where the bank snail-mails us a check from your account. Email or call Nadine to work out a plan.

Anything I need to do for delivery?

Place the tomato signs we give you on your first delivery in a spot visible from the road, so we can be sure we are at the right house each week, especially if we have someone filling in for your regular Delivery Driver. Please leave last week’s empty, clean and dry Share box where you would like us to leave your next Share delivery. When you leave a cooler for delivery, it will be great if ice packs are placed in it during the hotter months, and please make sure the cooler is clean. Place additional notes on your Share order form (or the ‘Notes’ field if ordering with credit card) about house color and type, and any landmarks or particulars that are helpful for our Delivery Drivers. Especially helpful is your house number displayed prominently - is it visible from the road, or is it clearly marked on your mailbox? If your address does not come up on GPS, does it go by another street name, such as a Fire Road number? For those who receive Winter Shares, please make sure your driveway, walkways and stairs are cleared of snow and sanded.

Do I need to be home when you deliver?

You don’t need to be home to receive your delivery, in fact most people aren’t home when we deliver. You can leave your cooler out for the Share, or make sure there’s a shaded, safe spot.

What if I leave for vacation?

We can stop your share for the week you will be gone. You’ll have three options to choose from: Double up the Share on the next week of delivery, arrange to pick it up from the farm, or have us donate your Share to a food pantry. Just use our ‘Stop Share Form’. To access the form, scroll to the top of this page, click on the Select Share Ordering tab, and the Stop Share Form is at the bottom of that page.

What are Bio bags? Can I store my lettuce or greens in them?

We use bio bags which are a porous material. Made from Corn and completely compostable. We strive to have zero waste out the door. The Bio Bags can dry out greens, so we suggest transferring your produce to cloth greens bags (which can be moistened) or glass containers when they arrive. Greens stay fresh in BioBags up to 5 days, after that they may begin to dry out. With first delivery we include a ‘Best Practices to Keep Your Produce Fresh’ information sheet. Post it on your refrigerator for a handy reference guide. Most produce likes to be kept cool and moist, with a few exceptions. We suggest investing in some reusable glass containers to keep all items moist and fresh!

Nice boxes! What do I do with them?

Leave the boxes out for us to pick up each week. We use wooden boxes to reduce waste, keep costs low, and to support our Maine box producer. If you keep any boxes, they are $10 each (our cost). If you receive reusable Farmer Kev tote bags (for the last Share delivery of each season) those are yours to keep. If boxes are continually not left out, your delivery may come in a tote bag. If you forget to leave your box out one week, simply leave it for us to pick up the following week. Be sure to keep boxes clean and dry!

What if I have boxes after the season/deliveries are finished?

If you are signing up for the next/or another season’s Share, then simply hold on to them and we will pick them up on your next delivery. Not signing up for another farm share? Send $10 per box to us, or return them to 29 Long Meadow Drive, West Gardiner, ME 04345. You may leave them near the white building with the big corn sign on it, if no one is there to assist you. We appreciate the help!

Is the produce going to be perfect all the time?

We strive to have the BEST produce ALL the time. We always put our best foot forward, but when we are dealing with perishable produce, we can’t always guarantee 100% perfect produce. Sometimes a tomato gets nicked, a zucchini is misshapen, the lettuce may get slightly wilted or a melon may be under ripe. We try our best to keep any of this from happening, but let us know immediately if there is an issue so we can fix the problem. We are here to make sure you are a satisfied customer!

What if I get a Partner Farm Add-on that’s compromised?

Let us know as soon as possible, because we can replace Add-ons while they are in season. Contact Nadine by email or phone to sort things out.

What's the Gourmet Share?

It is the most diverse share we offer. Produce will include new trial varieties, uniquely colored vegetables, and the farmers' top picks for the week. If you want max variety, this is your share. Only available in a family size share (Full box). Select option not available**